Specialist Alloy Wheel Repairs in Glasgow

Whether your car alloys are subject to minor road scratches or major cracks, Diamond Cut Wheels Glasgow alloy wheel refurbishment technology helps identify the best repair services to rapidly repair and refurbish your alloy wheels to help get you back on the road again.

If you have Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels you are going to need the best specialist care and services available to help your alloy wheels maintain their top class appearance. Damaged alloy wheels can negatively affect the look of your whole car, so even if your wheels have a small scratch, Diamond Cut Wheels Glasgow can bring your wheels back to their original state. It’s highly important to make sure your wheels have regular maintenance checks, so any defects are caught sooner rather than later.

Alloy Wheel Repairs in Glasgow

Diamond Cut Face-Turning Repairs

The process of diamond cutting entails skimming the full wheel with a high powered diamond coated buffer, leaving a sophisticated shined surface to your alloy wheel.

Colour changes & customisation

In order to totally personalise your wheels we can finish your alloy wheels in any colour, silver, black, gunmental or customised – all with a machine finish.

Repairs & Refurbishment

Whether your car alloys are subject to minor road scratches or major cracks, Diamond Cut Wheels will provide the best repair and refurbishment services for your alloy wheels.

Wheel Welding

Whether your wheel has a hairline crack in the inside of the wheel, or has a deep kerbing on the face, we can weld the wheel to allow final finish back to as good as new.

Lease Returns

At Diamond Cut Wheels we can repair and refurbish alloy wheels to help maintain the value of your cars, so they are able to be successfully sold on.

Dealership Services

Diamond Cut Wheels in Glasgow work closely with local car dealerships to help them maintain the alloy wheels and carry out wheel repairs on their cars.

Alloy Wheel Repairs in Glasgow

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